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Support Shipping Insurance back
  • We recommend choosing only the shipping methods which allow your package to be fully insured.
  • We cannot replace an uninsured shipment which has been lost or damaged.
  • We insure all packages through their respective freight carrier.
  • UPS charges 1/3% on amounts up to $50,000. FedEx charges 1/2% on amounts up to $50,000. Airborne charges 1/2% on amounts up to $50,000. (As per the last available information. This information is subject to change without notice).
  • Airmail does not carry insurance, but we self-insure up to $100.
  • Any loss or damage must be reported immediately to both the freight carrier and us.
  • The freight carrier makes the final decision to award an insurance claim.
  • If you have a shipment which has been lost or damaged, please fill out this form and fax to us: Lost or Damage Shipment Claim Form
  • If your company has an insurance policy and does not wish to have the package insured by the carrier, please submit the form together with a copy of your insurance binder. The link to the Self-Insurance Binder is.
  • Any insurance charges applied to an order without this information will not be refunded.
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